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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Has anyone used this for their wedding previously?

-Yes, we have had many weddings and/or receptions at Market Station over the years. Some choose to hold both events here (bride and attendants dress inside w/ wedding outside). Others get married at a different location and come to Market Station for the reception. We also have renters host their rehearsal dinner here.

2. What dates are available?

Please click on the reservation calendar link for availability. 


2. How many people make up maximum occupancy?

-Total of 117 standing in the Depot (enclosed) building Seated - 80 in the larger room of the Depot (enclosed) building Total Facility (inside Depot + outside covered shelter) - 2000+


3. Are there any rules/regulations/ordinances that would affect the event?

-The City has a noise ordinance beginning at 11:00 p.m. ADDC asks that all events be finished and cleaned up to vacate the premises by 12:00 midnight.


**Off Duty Security is required when having 100+ guests and/or when alcohol is served. To schedule Off Duty Security, please contact the Albemarle Police Department at 704-984-9500. Other rules regarding Alcohol and Off Duty Security guards are included on the website.

All security must be provided by pre-approved, off-duty city or county law enforcement. An off-duty officer (with jurisdiction in the City of Albemarle) must be present at all times and anytime alcohol is served.

  • No permit is necessary to serve beer, wine or champagne, if it is not sold. A permit IS required however, if liquor is served.

  • Application for permits can be downloaded and printed at the NC ABC Commission’s website, Form may also be obtained by contacting the state ABC office in Raleigh, 919-779-0700. The form takes approximately two weeks to receive by mail.

  • A copy of the permit must be provided to the ADDC office a minimum of 30 days before the event, or you will not be allowed to serve any alcohol.

  • All events, especially If there is Alcohol at the event, are required to have      Off-Duty Security Officers for security. This is the responsibility of the renter to arrange security with the Sheriff’s Office. An extra charge will be made payable to the Sheriff’s Office to request security. Contact the Albemarle Police Dept. at 704-984-9500 to make those arrangements.

  • All events must provide proof of Homeowners liability insurance or Special Events Insurance. Proof of insurance must be provided at contract signing or 30 days prior to the event.

  • Weddings/Receptions: Form needed: Limited Special Occasion Permit.

  • Class Reunions: Class reunions and other similar activities are required to have a one-time special occasion permit, for beer, wine or champagne. This is assuming a fee has been charged in advance to participate in any of the reunion-related activities. Consequently, even though the beverages are not “sold” at the event, they are considered as such by the State of NC ABC Commission, since the participants have paid a fee to attend, which might cover facility rental, food/beverage, and/or entertainment.

  • Non-Profit or Political Groups: Must have a One-Time Special Occasion Permit to sell any type of alcoholic beverage at an event.


4. When can I come and view the venue?

-ADDC will be glad to schedule an appointment to meet you at the venue so that you can see inside the Depot building; preferably during the office hours of Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm. You may also drive through anytime during the day when the property is not being used to take a look at the outside facilities. Let us know when you wish to schedule an appointment.

5. How many tables and chairs are available for rentals inside the depot?

-(4) bar height tables

-(12) 5' round tables

-(8) 6' rectangle tables

-(110) folding chairs

**NOTE: These can only be used inside the depot, and are not to be moved outdoors. 


5. On a Saturday in the summer, what is the earliest time I could be in to set up, etc? (I noticed Farmers Market ends at 12pm)

-You may have access to the Depot building on the morning of your event; your rent includes an 8 hour window of time on that day. The outside Farmers Market area is available to at 1:00 p.m. on Saturdays from mid-April through the end of October. Once the property is unlocked someone is required to be on the property at all times so as not to leave the building/facility unlocked when not attended.


6. In the fee, is a set up/take down included?

-Your fee includes an inside cleaning and set-up of tables and chairs. No tables and chairs may be taken from inside to the outdoor area. The best method of securing tables and chairs for the outside shelter is to contact Rental Center USA (704-983-1175) for a rental of these items. For a nominal delivery fee, they will also deliver a trailer containing your tables and chairs and park it at the rear of the property near the dumpster for your easy access. You are to leave tables and chairs set up inside and sweep clean the floors; also you are to wipe clean all counters, kitchen equipment, and remove all garbage from the building and place in the trash dumpster on the property.

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